Rail transport

In the past, rail transport was used to transport luxury goods, such as silk and spices. Over the years, rail transport faded into the background: the constant hitching and unhitching of wagons, coupled with the poor infrastructure was the primary reason. In recent years, countries such as China have invested again in the railway network to stimulate trade. Railways are becoming popular again. When air carriers or shipping companies are struggling with capacity issues, moving a container by rail could offer your company an alternative. Rail transport is an environmentally friendly solution that is perfectly suited to those looking for a quicker solution than shipping by sea. Your local MOL Logistics office in Milan will gladly support you!

Rail transport, the environmentally friendly alternative.

Looking for a solution for your products that need to go to or arrive from Asia, but can't get the right service by air or sea? Choose rail transport! MOL Logistics offers a total support package.


Solution in case of air/sea capacity saturation.


Complete package: from loading to unloading of your products.


Suitable for products to be shipped to/from Asia in a relatively short period of time.

Friend of nature

Renew your thinking! Rail transport is no longer about steam engines burning tons of coal. Especially when it comes to intercontinental transport, rail is among the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Compare rail transport with air or sea transport and you will see that it is more environmentally friendly. In addition, goods trains run on more certain schedules. Do you have questions about transporting your products by rail? Contact your local team in Milan!

Fast solution against the trend

Are you looking for a solution for your products to go to or from China? Can't book space on board by air or sea transport? Rail transport has a significantly low transit time and is almost twice as fast as sea transport. So you can have your products (e.g. electronics, clothing or other trendy products) or raw materials from Asia within 15 to 20 days in Europe. With subsequent deliveries throughout Europe, the Middle East or Africa.

Complete package

Not all companies know how to fit rail transport into their existing transport system. To allay these concerns, you can expect a total rail transport package from us. Your team in Milan will support you during the entire process, including all customs procedures. For example, we will provide you with advice on documentation, regular updates, deliver your products to the recipient's warehouse and at competitive rates.

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