Value-added Supply Chain & Logistics

International logistics can lead to complex challenges. Some companies wonder where they can start to make their transport and logistics as efficient as possible. How does your company manage its flows of goods around the world? Could you save costs and effort by combining activities? Are you able to monitor and fine-tune transport flows if necessary? As a third-party logistics service provider (3PL), we look far beyond that of a freight forwarder or a mere transport company. Together with you, your team in Milan will find ways to reduce delivery times or transport costs. We'll keep you up to date on goods and flows in real time. Make sure you use transport and logistics to optimise your business!

Supply chain and value-added services to improve your business.


Save valuable time and money by outsourcing transport, storage and logistics.


Additional services for your convenience.


Support for packaging, safety audits and quality control.

Supply chain solutions

Every company has its own wishes and requirements when it comes to transport or logistics: these specific requests can be implemented in our processes. To continuously improve efficiency within the supply chain, our team in Milan is trained to meet your individual wishes and requirements. You can count on us!

Additional value-added activities

Might you need support with other tasks besides transporting and storing your products? Your local MOL Logistics team in Italy will guide you and relieve your staff of time-consuming tasks and special qualifications. Our staff can take care of the collection of your orders at all levels: per pallet, per box or per piece. We will gladly assist you in the management of incoming and outgoing goods flows, product assembly, product modification and repackaging.

Your personal support team

For the integration of transport, product storage and additional logistics services you can contact the MOL Logistics office in Milan. A range of information will update you with the latest status of your goods. Most importantly, you will receive personal attention from all members of our team. You will quickly become familiar with your contact persons, who will reason with you in case of problems or difficult undertakings. Contact us if you have any questions or need support. You can concentrate fully on your business and your customers!

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