Customs assistance

Having products cleared through customs in the correct manner ensures smooth transportation around the world. Contact the MOL Logistics office in Milan for advice and support on all your customs and administration questions.

Customs activity and documentation: let yourself be guided

Customs authorities all over the world have a significant number of tasks and responsibilities entrusted to them. One of the most important tasks is the collection of duties, taxes and fees. If the associated customs formalities are not handled correctly, you may run into big problems with the authorities. This may raise questions. How high are the import duties? What rules or regulations apply specifically to your products? Do the same rules apply to all the countries you trade with? For an answer, simply contact your local customs specialists at MOL Logistics Italy. Our experts can advise and support you in all tax and customs matters. MOL Logistics will be your reliable partner for accurate customs activity!


Simplified customs activities ensure fast and efficient processing of your shipments.


Support for all import, export and transit documents.


Possibility of customs warehousing and liquidity benefits.

Do you need support with business and customs matters?

We can help you organise all the formalities related to the import, export and transit of your products. Our experts will assist you with all VAT-related issues in the import and export process. We can also help you with the compilation of documents and the completion of formalities. Contact your local MOL Logistics team for support.

Customs warehousing: free port storage

Still don't have an established destination for your products? MOL Logistics can store your goods in a bonded warehouse, pending actual delivery to Europe or anywhere else in the world. If you need it, we can even sort or repack your products. Our customs specialists will only declare to customs the goods that actually leave the bonded warehouse, and only then will the applicable duties, taxes and fees be due. Want to know more? Just contact the MOL Logistics office in Milan.

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