Overview of national transport strikes

And so there is another (transport) strike in Italy. Strikes have almost became a part of the Italian culture and way of life.  Not that the Italians are happy with these strikes, as with most other things ‘ci arrangiamo’ (we do the best we can).

For you, as a company doing business with Italy, it might be important to be aware of any (transportation) limitations that might affect your shipments or travels.

In order to get an overview of all national strikes, the official commission to ensure implementation of the strike law has made a real-time strike overview on their website.  This ‘Commissione di Garanzia Sciopero’ updates this overview regularly, so you get the most up-to-date information.

And just keep in mind the following. When a number of workers are on strike does not mean that you will always feel the effects. Often only workers from a specific labor union or within a specific company will go on strike. Thus you might not be affected at all.